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Wearable tech

My UP wristband

As sensors become cheaper and more prevalent, we’re beginning to collect more data from our own movements and the objects around us. Moreover, it’s becoming a less geeky thing to do! I’ve been thinking a bit about how we can use wearable tech for library-specific purposes.

Examples of current or upcoming wearable technology:

  • Google Glass, which others have talked about using in the library for various purposes
  • MYO armband: I’ve preordered this based on their first 3-minute video alone. So far my only library use cases are wowing people during presentations and confounding colleagues by turning their ebook pages from across the hall
  • Pebble Watch: Kickstarter-famous epaper watch connects to your smartphone; first reviews range from good to just okay. Primarily for notifications and activity-tracking, but other uses will reveal themselves when the SDK is released
  • Any others?

Other examples of wearable tech for personal use:

  • Jawbone UP wristband: sleep & activity tracking; I use this and like it
  • Nike FuelBand: activity tracking
  • Sound-activated T-shirts, available at any street fair, strictly for goofballs

Article of interest: 9 trends to watch for in wearable tech