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Easy LibGuides makeover

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2015, this blog post is outdated! It discusses customization for LibGuides 1.0, which is no longer supported! If you have LibGuides, you should be on LibGuides 2.0, and this post is not useful to you.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t know what LibGuides were until I was well into my library & information science graduate program, and at first I thought they were pretty dorky since they looked so dated. But I’ve since come around, and overall they’re great — easy to create, easy to edit, and fairly reliable as software. The default skin could use some work, though. We recently updated the look of John Jay’s LibGuides (we call them Subject Guides) and I thought I’d show you how we did.

One LibGuide before and after (click for larger)
My LibGuide before and after (click for larger)

A more modern look for your LibGuides:

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